Past Group Members

Ph.D. Degrees Awarded

Name Project Date
Qi Pan Polymer Blends Under Confinement MSE, 5/96
Jan Genzer Interfacial Phenomena in Partically Compatible Polymers MSE, 5/96
Peter Dreux Polymer Adsorption at the Solution/Solid Interface ChE, 12/96
Robert Oslanec Adsorption at the Polymer/Inorganic Interface MSE, 12/97
Howard Wang Interfacial Segregation and Wetting Transitions MSE, 12/00
Ana C Costa Thin Film Property Modification via Block Copolymer Adsorption MSE, 12/02
Russell Walters Ionomer Transport and Surfaces CBE, 12/03
Mark Lee Peptide Engineered Materials BE, 8/05
H-J Chung Phase Behavior of Confined Polymer Blends and Nanoparticle Composites MSE, 12/05
Pimporn Uttayarat Chemical and Physical Modifications of Silicone for Novel Vascular Grafts MSE, 5/07
Ranjan Deshmukh Dispersion and Self-Assembly of Nanospheres and Nanorods in Polymer Nanocomposites MSE, 12/07
Chen Xu Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic and Nanoparticle Containing Block Copolymers MSE, 5/08
Marla McConnell Covalent Attachment of NPs to Copolymer Surfaces to Control Structure-Property Relationships MSE, 12/09
Jung Hyun Park Amphiphilic Block Copolymers and Hydrogels for the Alignment of f-Actin MSE, 5/09
Sangah Gam Polymer Diffusion in Crowded Nanocomposites MSE, 7/11
Michael J. A. Hore Polymer-Grafted Au Nanorods in Polymer Thin Films: Dispersion and Plasmonic Coupling MSE, 7/12
Matthew A. Caporizzo Non-Specific Interactions Between Cationic Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites and Biomolecules MSE, 8/14
Robert C. Ferrier Surface Chemistry Mediated Assembly of Polymer Grafted Nanorods in Solution and Polymer Matrices CBE, 12/15
Chia-Chun Lin Dynamics in Polymer Nanocomposites Containing Fixed and Mobile Nanoparticles MSE, 12/15
Emmabeth Parrish Nanoparticle Diffusion in Polymer Networks MSE, 9/17
Nadia M. Krook Nanoparticle Alignment within Block Copolymers to develop Hierarchical Structures MSE, 7/19
Benjamin Lindsay Nanoparticle Ordering within Nanocomposite Films CBE, 8/19
Boris Rasin Vertical Block Copolymer Cylinder-Nanorod Self-Assembly MSE, 10/19
Shawn Maguire Kinetics and thermodynamics of polymer nanocomposites MSE, 10/21
Katie Rose Single (nano)particle tracking in hydrogels CBE, 7/22


MS Degrees Awarded

Name Project Date
Joyce Espiritu Stability of Polymer Bilayers MSE, 8/97
Ed Botchwey Protein Adsorption MSE, 8/97
C. Menzel Cell Adhesion on Surface Modified Polymers MSE, 8/01
D. Ahn Model PDMS Elastomers as Tunable Biomaterial Surfaces CBE, 6/04
A. Corlu Polymer Nanocomposites MSE, 5/07
Chih-I Yang Conductivity of Nanorod Composites MSE, 9/07
Bruce Hillman Ag Nanoparticles as Metal Contacts in Flexible Displays MSE, 12/08
Sally Yeh Collagen Attachment to Soft Surfaces MSE, 12/08
Chin-Chen Kuo Dextran Patterned Surfaces MSE, 12/09
Oydis Gadeholt Shear Alignment of Au Nanorods MSE, 12/11
Dongliang Wang Nanorods Aspect Ratio and Alignment MSE, 6/13
Zhengdong Wu Nanoparticle Diffusion in Polymer Solutions MSE, 6/18
Alexander Grun Liquid Crystal Polymer Nanocomposites MSE, 5/20
Emily Augustine Towards Antibacterial and Antifouling Surfaces CHEM, 5/20
Mingxuan Ma Diffusion of Nanoparticles in Biofilms NANO, 5/21


Former Post-Doctoral Students and Visiting Researchers

Name Project Date
William E. Wallace Interactions of Ions with Polymeric Materials 1/92 – 8/93
Alessandro Faldi Polymer Segregation and Dewetting 1/93 – 5/94
Richard Perrinaud Interfacial Properties of PVF:PMMA Blends 4/95 – 4/97
Qi Pan Spin on Glasses 1/97 – 1/98
Bi-Min Zhang-Newby Confined Thin Film Polymer Blends 8/98 – 8/00
Ahmed El-Ghannam Cell Adhesion 8/00 – 2/02
E. Ada Calvalcanti Peptide Modified Silicone 8/01 – 6/02
Davide Miksa Biomimetic Dextran Surfaces 3/03 – 8/04
George Toworfe Protein Adsorption on PDMS Surfaces 7/02 – 6/04
Michela Ombelli Protein Adsorption on Biomimetic Surfaces 1/04 – 1/05
Mark Lee Peptide Engineered Materials 8/05 – 8/07
Pimporn Uttayarat Vascular Grafts for Coronary Bypass Operations 5/07 – 12/07
Yu Liu Surface Modification of Titanium and Enamel 5/06 – 9/08
Takeshi Ohara Swelling of Amphiphilic Polymers 6/08 – 7/09
Irene Tsai Dextran/Polyurethane 5/08 – 11/10
Guoqian Jiang Au Nanorods in PS-b-P2VP Block Copolymers 3/10 – 3/12
Carme Coll Ferrer Hybrid Nanogel Drug Delivery System 6/08 – 1/14
Jihoon Choi Polymer Dynamics in Nanocomposites 1/12 – 8/14
Nina Dissler Nanoparticle Diffusion in Biofilms 5/17-8/17
Hyun-Su Lee Biocompatible, pH-controlled Drug Release System 1/10-9/17
Yuanchi Ma Nanoparticle Diffusion in Biofilms 2/17-10/18
Daniel Strickland Adhesion Between Anti-Bacterial Coatings and Model Bacteria 1/18-4/19
Xuanbo Liu Liquid Crystalline Polymer Nanocomposites 1/19-12/19
Molly Shave Bacterial Adhesion on Anti-fouling Surfaces 2/19-12/20
Connor Bilchak Anisotropic Alignment of Nanomaterials 3/19-12/20
Jihoon Choi Dynamics of Ionic Molecules in Organometal Halide Perovskites 1/20-1/21
Yitian Zhou Zwitterionic Surface Chemistry Facilitates Detachment of Bacteria 1/21-12/21
Tatiya Siripongpreda (Firm) N-doped Graphene-TiO2 Nanocomposite-Polymer Films 10/21-6/22
Christopher S. O’Bryan Polymer Adsorption at the Solid/Liquid Interface 8/19-6/22