Past Group Members

Graduated Ph.D. Students | Graduated Masters Students | Former Post-Doctoral Students & Visiting Researchers

Ph.D. Degrees Awarded

Mike BoyleNanoparticle and Ion Transport at Polyelectrolyte InterfacesMSE, 9/22
Katie RoseSingle (nano)particle tracking in hydrogelsCBE, 7/22
Shawn MaguireKinetics and thermodynamics of polymer nanocompositesMSE, 10/21
Boris RasinVertical Block Copolymer Cylinder-Nanorod Self-AssemblyMSE, 10/19
Benjamin LindsayNanoparticle Ordering within Nanocomposite FilmsCBE, 8/19
Nadia M. KrookNanoparticle Alignment within Block Copolymers to develop Hierarchical StructuresMSE, 7/19
Emmabeth ParrishNanoparticle Diffusion in Polymer NetworksMSE, 9/17
Chia-Chun LinDynamics in Polymer Nanocomposites Containing Fixed and Mobile NanoparticlesMSE, 12/15
Robert C. FerrierSurface Chemistry Mediated Assembly of Polymer Grafted Nanorods in Solution and Polymer MatricesCBE, 12/15
Matthew A. CaporizzoNon-Specific Interactions Between Cationic Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites and BiomoleculesMSE, 8/14
Michael J. A. HorePolymer-Grafted Au Nanorods in Polymer Thin Films: Dispersion and Plasmonic CouplingMSE, 7/12
Sangah GamPolymer Diffusion in Crowded NanocompositesMSE, 7/11
Jung Hyun ParkAmphiphilic Block Copolymers and Hydrogels for the Alignment of f-ActinMSE, 5/09
Marla McConnellCovalent Attachment of NPs to Copolymer Surfaces to Control Structure-Property RelationshipsMSE, 12/09
Chen XuSelf-Assembly of Amphiphilic and Nanoparticle Containing Block CopolymersMSE, 5/08
Ranjan DeshmukhDispersion and Self-Assembly of Nanospheres and Nanorods in Polymer NanocompositesMSE, 12/07
Pimporn UttayaratChemical and Physical Modifications of Silicone for Novel Vascular GraftsMSE, 5/07
H-J ChungPhase Behavior of Confined Polymer Blends and Nanoparticle CompositesMSE, 12/05
Mark LeePeptide Engineered MaterialsBE, 8/05
Russell WaltersIonomer Transport and SurfacesCBE, 12/03
Ana C CostaThin Film Property Modification via Block Copolymer AdsorptionMSE, 12/02
Howard WangInterfacial Segregation and Wetting TransitionsMSE, 12/00
Robert OslanecAdsorption at the Polymer/Inorganic InterfaceMSE, 12/97
Peter DreuxPolymer Adsorption at the Solution/Solid InterfaceChE, 12/96
Jan GenzerInterfacial Phenomena in Partically Compatible PolymersMSE, 5/96
Qi PanPolymer Blends Under ConfinementMSE, 5/96

M.S. Degrees Awarded

Mingxuan MaDiffusion of Nanoparticles in BiofilmsNANO, 5/21
Emily AugustineTowards Antibacterial and Antifouling SurfacesCHEM, 5/20
Alexander GrunLiquid Crystal Polymer NanocompositesMSE, 5/20
Zhengdong WuNanoparticle Diffusion in Polymer SolutionsMSE, 6/18
Dongliang WangNanorods Aspect Ratio and AlignmentMSE, 6/13
Oydis GadeholtShear Alignment of Au NanorodsMSE, 12/11
Chin-Chen KuoDextran Patterned SurfacesMSE, 12/09
Sally YehCollagen Attachment to Soft SurfacesMSE, 12/08
Bruce HillmanAg Nanoparticles as Metal Contacts in Flexible DisplaysMSE, 12/08
Chih-I YangConductivity of Nanorod CompositesMSE, 9/07
A. CorluPolymer NanocompositesMSE, 5/07
D. AhnModel PDMS Elastomers as Tunable Biomaterial SurfacesCBE, 6/04
C. MenzelCell Adhesion on Surface Modified PolymersMSE, 8/01
Ed BotchweyProtein AdsorptionMSE, 8/97
Joyce EspirituStability of Polymer BilayersMSE, 8/97

Former Post-Doctoral Students and Visiting Researchers

Jaehyun KimGold Nanoparticle Capsule-Based Plasmonic Sensor02/21-5/23
Christopher S. O’BryanPolymer Adsorption at the Solid/Liquid Interface8/19-6/22
Tatiya Siripongpreda (Firm)N-doped Graphene-TiO2 Nanocomposite-Polymer Films10/21-6/22
Yitian ZhouZwitterionic Surface Chemistry Facilitates Detachment of Bacteria1/21-12/21
Jihoon ChoiDynamics of Ionic Molecules in Organometal Halide Perovskites1/20-1/21
Connor BilchakAnisotropic Alignment of Nanomaterials3/19-12/20
Molly ShaveBacterial Adhesion on Anti-fouling Surfaces2/19-12/20
Xuanbo LiuLiquid Crystalline Polymer Nanocomposites1/19-12/19
Daniel StricklandAdhesion Between Anti-Bacterial Coatings and Model Bacteria1/18-4/19
Yuanchi MaNanoparticle Diffusion in Biofilms2/17-10/18
Hyun-Su LeeBiocompatible, pH-controlled Drug Release System1/10-9/17
Nina DisslerNanoparticle Diffusion in Biofilms5/17-8/17
Jihoon ChoiPolymer Dynamics in Nanocomposites1/12 – 8/14
Carme Coll FerrerHybrid Nanogel Drug Delivery System6/08 – 1/14
Guoqian JiangAu Nanorods in PS-b-P2VP Block Copolymers3/10 – 3/12
Irene TsaiDextran/Polyurethane5/08 – 11/10
Takeshi OharaSwelling of Amphiphilic Polymers6/08 – 7/09
Yu LiuSurface Modification of Titanium and Enamel5/06 – 9/08
Pimporn UttayaratVascular Grafts for Coronary Bypass Operations5/07 – 12/07
Mark LeePeptide Engineered Materials8/05 – 8/07
Michela OmbelliProtein Adsorption on Biomimetic Surfaces1/04 – 1/05
George ToworfeProtein Adsorption on PDMS Surfaces7/02 – 6/04
Davide MiksaBiomimetic Dextran Surfaces3/03 – 8/04
E. Ada CalvalcantiPeptide Modified Silicone8/01 – 6/02
Ahmed El-GhannamCell Adhesion8/00 – 2/02
Bi-Min Zhang-NewbyConfined Thin Film Polymer Blends8/98 – 8/00
Qi PanSpin on Glasses1/97 – 1/98
Richard PerrinaudInterfacial Properties of PVF:PMMA Blends4/95 – 4/97
Alessandro FaldiPolymer Segregation and Dewetting1/93 – 5/94
William E. WallaceInteractions of Ions with Polymeric Materials1/92 – 8/93