Group Photos

 Composto Group, Spring 2020

First Row (Left to right): Shawn Maguire, Prof. Russell Composto, Mike Boyle, Aria Zhang.
Second Row (Left to right): Hyun-Su Lee, Weiwei Kong, Mingxuan Ma, Jihoon Choi.
Third Row (Left to right): Alex Grun, Molly Shave, Emily Augustine, Christopher O’Bryan.
Fourth Row (Left to right): Connor Bilchak, Katie Rose.

Composto Holiday Party, Fall 2019

Top Row (Left to right): Boris Rasin, Xuanbo Liu.
Middle Row (Left to right): Alex Grun, Mike Boyle, Robert Brosnan, Nidhi Kapate, Aria Zhang, Mingxuan Ma.
Bottom Row (Left to right): Christopher O’Bryan, Molly Shave, Katie Rose, Prof. Russell Composto, Connor Bilchak

Composto Group Lunch, Spring 2019

                                                                                                                                   Top Row (Left to right): Shawn Maguire, Ben Lindsay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Middle Row (Left to right): Mike Boyle, Daniel Strickland, Nadia Krook, Connor Bilchak.                                                                                                    Bottom Row (Left to right): Boris Rasin, Katie Rose, Prof. Russell Composto, Molly Shave, Xuanbo Liu.

Composto Group Dinner Party, Fall 2017

                                                                                Back (Left to right): Shawn Maguire, Ben Lindsay, Katie Rose, Zhengdong Wu, Dr. Yuanchi Ma, Mike Boyle.                                                                                Front (Left to right): Teddy Kurkoski, Nadia Krook, Prof. Russell Composto, Carlos Medina, Boris Rasin.

Composto Group, Fall 2017

                                                                    (Left to right): Teddy Kurkoski, Sarah Seeger, Boris Rasin, Emmabeth Parrish, Shawn Maguire, Nadia Krook, Katie Rose,                                                                 Ben Lindsay, Carlos Medina, Dr. Yuanchi Ma, Prof. Russell Composto, Dr. Hyun-Su Lee, Zhengdong Wu.

Composto Group, Summer 2017

(Left to right): Nadia Krook, Prof. Russell Composto, Emmabeth Parrish, Katie Rose, Nina Dissler, Benjamin Lindsay, Shawn Maguire, Dr. Yuanchi Ma, Boris Rasin, and Dr. Rob Ferrier.

Composto Group, Fall 2016

Back (Left to right): Brandon Kao, Shawn Maguire, Emmabeth Parrish, Boris Rasin, Nadia Krook and Benjamin Lindsay.
Front (Left to right): Sona Dadhania, Sarah Seeger, Sonum Naidu,  Prof. Russell Composto, Katie Rose and Ben’s family.

Composto Group, Summer 2014

Back (Left to right): Michael Roth, Dr. Jihoon Choi, Chia-Chun Lin, Rob Ferrier, Matt Caporizzo and Dr. Hyun-Su Lee.
Front (Left to right): Emmabeth Parrish, Dr. Meg Grady, Dr. Prathima Nalam, Boris Rasin and Prof. Russell Composto.

Russ received Provost’s Award for Distinguished Ph.D Teaching and Mentoring, 2014

Left to right: Rob Ferrier, Boris Rasin, Chia-Chun (Jim) Lin, Russ Composto, Hyun-Su Lee, Emmabeth Parrish and Jihoon Choi

Group Beer Time, Summer 2014

Left (front to back): Mike Hore, Jessie Sun, Russ Composto.
Right (front to back): Chia-Chun (Jim) Lin, Robert Ferrier.

Composto Group, Spring 2012

Left (front to back): Mike Hore, Carme Coll Ferrer, Hyun-Su Lee.
Right (front to back): Rob Ferrier, Guoqian Jiang, Jihoon Choi, Moses.

Polymer Physics GRC 2010

Present & past group members:
Left to right: Lynn Loo (Princeton), Marla McConnell (NIST), Mike Hore, Russ Walters (J&J), Katsuyuki Wakabayashi (Bucknell), Russ Composto

Group Photo 2010

Back row, left to right: Rob Ferrier, Guoqian Jiang
Front row, left to right: Chin-Chen Kuo, Hyun-Su Lee, Carme Coll Ferrer, Russ Composto, Jessie Sun, Mike Hore, Sangah Gam

Group Photo 2008

Back row, left to right: Eric Mills, Alice Bassani, Alex Dolgonos, Jay Park, Nathan Lee, Irene Tsai, Sangah Gam, Marla McConnell, Carme Coll Ferrer.
Front row, left to right: Joshua Eckmann, Russ Composto, Yu Liu, Mike Hore, Schuyler Patton.

Front row, left to right: Jay Park, Chen Xu, Marla McConnell, Aysenur Corlu, Mark Lee, Ranjan Deshmukh, Yu Liu.
Back row, left to right: Eric Mills, Miriam Georges, Sangah Gam, Russ Composto.

Group Lunch, 2003

From Left to right in a circle: Chen Xu, Ranjan Deshmukh, Aimey Bailey, Elizabeth Irish, Davide Miksa. George Toworfe, Russ Walters, Dr. Russell Composto, Ronit Morris, Mark Lee.

Group Picture, outside LRSM, 2003

Front row: Ie Uttaryat, Hyun-Joong Chung, Karen Sohn, Chen Xu. Back row: Michela Ombelli, Bi-min Zhang Newby, Ana Claudia Costa, Dr. Russell Composto. Last Row: David Brass, Russ Walters.

Group on the Science of Philadelphia, 2001

Upper Left : Title of the Program
Upper Right : Russ Composto with model polymer beads
Lower Left : Russ and Karen Sohn
Lower Right : Russ Walters, Karen, Another RussJ, and Andrew McGhee(LRSM)

APS Pittsburgh, 1995

Front: Jan Genzer, Second Row: Jordana Composto, Karen Winey, Qi Pan, Maria Berba (KIW) Back Row: Mohan Sikka (KIW), Alessandro Faldi, William Wallace, Scott Pinheiro (KIW), Peter Druex, Michaela & Robert Oslanec