Collaborators and Partnerships

Penn Collaborators:

Dr. David Eckmann, SOM – Biomaterials

Dr. Daeyeon Lee, CBE – Nanoparticle Diffusion

Dr. Karen Winey, MSE – Polymer Diffusion

Dr. Rob Riggleman, CBE – Polymer Nanocomposites

Dr. Chris Murray, MSE/Chemistry – Polymer Nanocomposites

Dr. Zahra Fakhraai, Chemistry – Thin Films

Other Collaborations and Partnerships:

Dr. Nigel Clarke, University of Sheffield – Polymer Diffusion

Dr. Jeff Meth, Dupont – Polymer Nanocomposites

Amalie Frischknecht, Sandia National Laboratory – Simulations

Dr. Michael Hore, Case Western Reserve University – Scattering

Dr. Kohji Ohno, Kyoto University – Polymer Brushes

Dr. Masatoshi Tokita, Tokyo Inst. of Technology – Patterning

Patrice Rannou, The Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) – Grenoble – Functional Composites

Dr. Jean-Yves Delannoy, Solvay – REACT