Author: Shawn Maguire

REACT PI, Russell J. Composto, receives Invited Professorship position for 2018

Russ Composto was awarded a 1-month Invited Visiting Professorship to be used during the summer 2018 from the Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes (ComUE UGA). He will be hosted in the labs of French REACT researchers, Said Sadki and Patrice Rannou (REACT GIANT PI). This award will facilitate Prof. Composto’s collaborations with French partners, the organization […]

SURGG (Penn’s Summer Undergraduate Research Group Grant)

Active Coating Technology (ACT)-Enabled Relief Tents for Natural Disaster, Summer 2017 PIs: Daeyeon Lee, Co-PIs: Russ Composto, Kristin Field, Zahra Fakhraai, Orkan Telhan   The team (Undergraduate Students): Griffin Murphy, Kathryn Khaw, Sisanmofe Dorsu, Mauricio Alvarez, Jane Shmushkis, David Gordon Graduate Student Mentors: Evan Dolling, Katie Rose, Shawn Maguire, Connor Woods, Aixi Zhang. Synopsys: This collaborative project brings students from Schools of Engineering, […]