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Fall 2023 in Review…

As the new year rolls around, the Composto group would like to celebrate highlights of our group’s fall 2023: PhD Candidate Weiwei Kong Completes a Summer Internship at META We are happy to highlight the completion of a summer internship at META by PhD candidate Weiwei Kong. Weiwei is researching polymer kinetics within confined spaces […]

Professor Composto leads half of decade of collaborative climate research at UPenn

Russell Composto is the associate dean of undergraduate education at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). Kristin L. Field is the director of education and program coordinator for the Penn-based SoftAE Program, a National Science Foundation Research Traineeship program.  In their recent article for the Perry World House’s Global Shifts […]

Composto group article “Zwitterionic surface chemistry enhances detachment of bacteria under shear” featured in the Soft Matter highlights of 2022 collection

This past week, the Composto group’s Soft Matter article “Zwitterionic surface chemistry enhances detachment of bacteria under shear” has been featured in an online themed collection to highlight some of the most popular articles published in the journal during the past year. Most excitingly, the papers in this collection are free to access until 31st May 2023 […]

Collaborative research initiative to combat extreme heat effects featured in Penn Engineering Today

Penn Engineering Today has featured an article about the Research Community Dr. Composto is co-leading in the 2022-2023 academic year titled “Adapting to Extreme Heat in Philadelphia to Increase Human Vitality.” This initiative is in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability (OOS) in order to address the issues of increased precipitation/flooding, increased […]

SURGG (Penn’s Summer Undergraduate Research Group Grant)

Active Coating Technology (ACT)-Enabled Relief Tents for Natural Disaster, Summer 2017 PIs: Daeyeon Lee, Co-PIs: Russ Composto, Kristin Field, Zahra Fakhraai, Orkan Telhan   The team (Undergraduate Students): Griffin Murphy, Kathryn Khaw, Sisanmofe Dorsu, Mauricio Alvarez, Jane Shmushkis, David Gordon Graduate Student Mentors: Evan Dolling, Katie Rose, Shawn Maguire, Connor Woods, Aixi Zhang. Synopsys: This collaborative project brings students from Schools of Engineering, […]