SURGG (Penn’s Summer Undergraduate Research Group Grant)

Active Coating Technology (ACT)-Enabled Relief Tents for Natural Disaster, Summer 2017 PIs: Daeyeon Lee, Co-PIs: Russ Composto, Kristin Field, Zahra Fakhraai, Orkan Telhan   The team (Undergraduate Students): Griffin Murphy, Kathryn Khaw, Sisanmofe Dorsu, Mauricio Alvarez, Jane Shmushkis, David Gordon Graduate Student Mentors: Evan Dolling, Katie Rose, Shawn Maguire, Connor Woods, Aixi Zhang. Synopsys: This collaborative project brings students from Schools of Engineering, […]

Welcome to Yuanchi Ma!

The group is excited to welcome Yuanchi Ma into the lab! With an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Peking University, he joined the Lodge group for his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Minnesota. He will be working on biopolymers and biofilms. Congratulations on your recent defense, and we are excited to have you […]

Welcome to our New Rachleff Scholars!

                 The Composto Lab is excited to have two Rachleff Scholars joining our research team, Theodore Kurkoski and Carlos Medina Jimenez! While their official 10-week summer research experience will begin after classes end in May, both Teddy and Carlos have decided to join the lab in January to start their projects. […]